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Lake Velencei and Dinnyési-fertő

<p class="Norml1" style="text-align: justify;"><span lang="FR">The 965-hectare total area of ​​two wetlands in Fejér county has been on the list of wetlands of international importance since 1979. The area was originally a continuous lake, but due to filling, the Dinnyési-fertő was separated from the core area. Thus, the Velencei Lake is an open water surface, while the Dinnyési Lake is characterized by reedy, marshy areas with little open water. However, the two lakes complement each other, they are integral parts of each other.</span></p>

The Velence - Dinnyés area is also a botanically important habitat, with the highly protected onion skin (Liparis loeselii), the endemic creeping nettle (Urtica kioviensis), the protected marsh ram (Orchis palustris) and the also protected veiled female petal (Iris spuria).

Among waterfowl, ducks and herons can be found in the area, both nesting and wintering flocks can be found. The nesting population of reed birds in the extensive reed beds represents nature conservation value.

The species of herons found in the area are: the red heron (Ardea purpurea), the gray heron (Ardea cinerea), the comet heron (Ardeola ralloides), and the egret (Egretta alba), the individuals of which are highly protected. The nesting population of the highly protected spoon heron (Platalea leucorodia) is under special protection. (source: ramsar.hu)

In 2016, the preparation of the plans for the KEHOP project "Development and Presentation of Wetlands of Special Importance in Fejér County" began, and after their acceptance, construction could begin: the two observation decks (managed by DINPI) were first rebuilt in 2020, the technical handover of which also took place in 2016. to the end.

Also in 2016, the KEHOP project for the shore wall renovations of Lake Velence was launched, in the framework of which dredging was carried out to improve flow in the area of ​​the Lake Velence Bird Reserve in connection with the supply of fresh water to the swimming marshes along the inlet streams. In addition, breeding islands were created on the south-western side of the lake near the Sarvajcz lookout.

From 2018, based on a cooperation agreement with the Agárd Shipping KHT, regular boat trips to the Lake Velencei Bird Reserve with specialist escorts will be launched in order to get to know the marshes.