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The Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate (DINPD) was established in 1997. The administrative area of the DINPD consists of the Duna-Ipoly National Park itself, 8 Protected Landscape Areas and 36 Nature Conservation Areas. The overall size of the areas of national importance is 130 000 ha including a Biosphere Reserve, a European Diploma Site and several Ramsar Sites and Forest Reserves of great significance.

The main duties of the Directorate are defined by law. The DINPD:
- manages the administration of priority natural values and areas within its administrative area and provides priority and secondary data collection. It also operates the monitoring and information system related to its scope of duties and cooperates with other information and controlling systems
- maintains and operates the conservation demonstration establishments and educational, documentary and touristic establishments
- receives more than 130.000 visitors in 8 visitor centres, on green days and guided tours
- executes tasks of trusteeship related to the estates under its trusteeship
- manages the preparatory tasks of regional forest and wildlife management belonging to the scope of the Ministry for Agriculture
- prepares the conservation management plans of protected areas and Natura 2000 sites
- manages the nature conservation of priority and high priority areas and nature values, of Natura 2000 sites and areas and values belonging to international conservation agreements
- manages duties related to the designation of priority, high priority and Natura 2000 areas
- manages the ranger service of the Directorate.