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Vácrátót Botanical Garden (MTA National Botanical Garden)

<p class="Norml1" style="text-align: justify;"><span lang="FR">Vácrátot is located in the NW part of the Veresegyházi Basin. This basin, formed at an altitude of 100-200 m above sea level, is one of the northern bays of the Great Plain. Its climate is warm, moderately continental. Being in the rain shadow of the Börzsöny and Pilis mountains, it is poor in precipitation.</span></p>

Practical information

How to get there: You can get there by car from Budapest via the Fót-Őrbottyán route or through Vác. It can be reached by public transport with buses from Budapest Újpest City Gate, Vác and Gödöllő or trains from Nyugati railway station.

Brief description of the protected natural values

The castle park, which forms the basis of today's botanical garden, was founded by the Géczi family in 1827, and in the 1870s Count Sándor Vigyázó transformed it into a romantic landscape garden in accordance with the taste of the time with the garden designer Vilmos Jámbor. In addition to the construction of new artefacts (artificial ruins, watermill, cave, waterfall), the existing lake system fed by the Sződ-Rákos stream flowing through the area was expanded with another lake. In 1926, the Caretakers bequeathed the garden, which was consciously developed into a collection, and their entire property to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

In 1952, the MTA returned the decaying garden, which was severely damaged during the war and then became derelict, and the Botanical Research Institute was founded here. In addition to keeping its style, the garden developed into a classic botanical garden is by far the richest collection of living plants in our country. More than 12,000 taxa are maintained in taxonomic, perennial and rock garden, dendrological and greenhouse collections. The rich fauna fits organically with the plant material of the collections. Due to its art-historical values, the garden is also protected as a monument. Guided tours: available, but only upon prior registration.

The area was declared protected by the National Nature Conservation Council in 1951, 423/51. with its decision no. 18 of 1961 on nature conservation 12/1971. (IV 1.) Government no. on the basis of decree, the president of the National Nature Conservation Office 2051/1975. s. classified it among nature conservation areas of national importance with its decision.

It is protected by Act No. 83/2007 on the maintenance of the protection of the nature conservation area of ​​the Vácrátót arboretum in force. (X. 18.) Maintained by KvVM decree.

Pedigree number: 27/TT/51            

Extent: 28 ha

The affected village border: Vácrátót