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Gellért Hill Nature Reserve

<p class="Norml1" style="text-align: justify;"><span lang="FR">The Gellért Hill is a prominent tourist site in our capital. The unique panorama, the green spaces that provide recreation and relaxation attract millions of visitors all year round.</span></p>

- Declared protected: by Decree 1/1997 (8th of January) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

- Registration number: 132/TT/76

- Extent: 39 ha

- Boundary of the municipality concerned: Budapest XI. district

Short description of the protected natural values

The eagle's nest is nowadays largely landscaped, but remains of the former vegetation can still be found. It is the only habitat in the country for the yellowish foam sedge. The Gellért Hill Cave (also known as Ivan's Cave or Szentiván's Cave) is a highly protected cave that has been converted into a rock chapel.