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Csévharaszti-borókás Nature Reserve

<p style="text-align: justify;"><span lang="FR">One of the most varied natural landscapes of the Danube-Tisza area is the sandy forest-steppe area in the Csévharaszt region.</span></p>

- The protected area was designated in 1940 on the basis of Resolution No. 118. 136/1939 of the National Nature Conservation Council.

- Register number: 2/TT/40

- Extent: 105 ha

- Boundary of the commune concerned: Csévharaszt

Its protection is maintained by the currently valid Decree 43/2007 (X. 18.) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management on the maintenance of the protection of the Csévharaszti-borókás nature reserve.

The purpose of the protection is the preservation and maintenance of the natural state of the protected and highly protected plant rarities of the warm-loving and drought-tolerant sandy shrub-grassland and oak communities, and the preservation of the specific landscape character of the juniper-oak community.

Main characteristics of the protected natural values

The vegetation of the protected area is sandy steppe with pine-clad pine, with protected plant species such as sandy loosestrife, lamb's-quarters and the endemic persistent carnation, which is highly protected. The insect fauna of the area includes rare species of the Danube-Tisza floodplain (e.g. futrinka, ant-eaters), the reptiles include the sand lizard and the green lizard, and the bird fauna includes the highly protected salamander. The landscape and geological values of the moorland are also significant.

Main threats and specific conservation tasks

Illegal stays and fires can endanger the natural values and the area should be regularly monitored.