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Collection and transportation of waste from Tétényi-fennsík project area

Tétényi-fennsík budapesti része

Fairly few nature conservation activities took place on one of the most valuable part of the Érd-Tétényi plató Natura 2000 area so far. In 2013 this situation started to change: the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate (DINPD) got the area’s trusteeship rights and the implementation of the 5-year-long LIFE + project titled Conservation of dry grasslands in Central Hungary began. This unique limestone plateau is one of the project’s target areas. Beside strong spontaneous reforestation with indigenous shrub species, the other most remarkable problem is illegal traffic and its root cause, illegal waste deposition.

In the frame of the project 8 crossing gates were settled on the roads leading to the area and other points where one could entry the area were obstructed by ramparts. One year after these actions it could be observed that illegal traffic on the area almost ceased.

 As the next step in spring of 2016 DINPD started the removal of the waste that accumulated over the years. Household waste, waste from buildings, vehicle wrecks, registration plates and household appliances could be found there scattered or in big piles. They were collected by machines and by volunteers.

Altogether 250 tons of waste had been transported from the area.

Hereby we would like to thank all the participants for the help.

Conservation of dry grasslands in Central-Hungary


In the framework of this 5-year-long project – started in September 2013 – Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate (DINPD) is directly aiming at the protection of the following priority habitat types: Sub-Pannonic steppic grasslands (6240), pannonic loess steppic grasslands (6250) and Pannonic sand steppes (6260).

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