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Tápió 20 ünnepség (Fotó:Kun-Halasi Katalin)

We celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the Protected Landscape Area of Tápió-Hajta with the handover of a new trail, nature games and introduction of the last 20 years in the Tápió area. The event held in Tápióság was also attended by Bertalan Balczó, Deputy State Secretary.

One of Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate’s most diverse protected conservation areas is the Protected Landscape Area of Tápió-Hajta, stretching across the Eastern edge of Pest county. This barely known area is characterized by picturesque swamps, steep sand dunes, dry pastures and flowering meadows. Whether you visit this place as a visitor or a professional, you will be awed by the diversity of natural values. It’s a barely known fact that the creek Felső-Tápió is hiding here, which is one of the water flows conserved in its most natural form. One of the largest population of trifolium hybridum can also be found here. In the Hajta-area swamps, chances of spotting a nightingale, the beautifully singing bird of the reeds are quite good. Each season is great to visit here, be it about the Spring Farmos Frog Rescue or the Farmos Bird Ringing and Migration Research Camp starting in late Summer. Of course, it’s worth to give a visit to Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate’s herd of gray cattle providing a long-term maintenance of the diverse grass species of Nyík Meadow at Nagykáta.

With the event, National Park Directorate promoted this barely known, yet very interesting area. A greeting speech was presented by Bertalan Balczó, Deputy State Secretary and András Füri, Director of the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate. Following this, Tamás Vidra, Regional Manager introduced the past 20 years of the protected area in pictures; in the educational garden, the Gólyahír Trail’s opening ceremony took place.

In the afternoon, we organized a playful nature education event in the cozy garden of Papp Károly Primary School for junior grade primary school classes (nature games, trail tours). The event was crowned by a bird show presented by the Jászberény Eagle Center.

The area of the Protected Landscape Area of Tápió-Hajta celebrating its 20th anniversary is affected by several EU tenders. This project is funded through the EU LIFE+ Nature Program “Conservation of Dry Grasslands in Central Hungary”. The tender aims to preserve and restore high conservation value xerotherms in the operational area of the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate.

Conservation of dry grasslands in Central-Hungary


In the framework of this 5-year-long project – started in September 2013 – Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate (DINPD) is directly aiming at the protection of the following priority habitat types: Sub-Pannonic steppic grasslands (6240), pannonic loess steppic grasslands (6250) and Pannonic sand steppes (6260).

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