Annual assessment of visitors in PBR

PBR hidegcsomagok

Since 2017 in cooperation with volunteers, the staff of the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate and the Pilis State Forestry annually carry out an assessment to register the number of visitors on the hiking trails of the Pilis Biosphere Reserve (PBR). The number of people, their daily routs are being registered and by a more detailed questionnaire we collect data on their touristic profile. The research is coordinated by a specialist researcher from Debrecen University.

On 25-26. September 2021. 60 volunteers had carried out the research, having spent all day in the mountains. Thanks to the professional and financial support and the strong personal engagement for the Pilis area of the Stube Restaurant in Pilisvörösvár the food for the volunteers originated from this region for the first time in the five years history of this research.

The food packages contained bread, ham, sausage, eggs, onion, paprika, tomato and apple from Pilisvörösvár. Volunteers brought their own plastic containers for the food and water bottles to avoid waste from packaging.

By implementing this method, we intended to minimalize the negative environmental effects and to provide some financial benefits for the local businesses.

The goals of this research are to provide data for the effective development of the region, to show best practices and to promote local cooperation.

Pilis Biosphere Reserve

The Pilis Biosphere Reserve is a regional cooperation of Pilis State Forestry (Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt.), the Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate, the local governments and NGO-s of the area in order to protect the natural values, support the development of local economy and education. As Ecotourism is one of the strengths of the site, related developments are beneficial for every participant.

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