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Sas-Hill Visitor Center

<p>Living museum in the heart of Budapest! Interactive exhibition, outdoor terrariums, magnificent view of the city from its panoramic terrace, guided tours on the nature trail.</p>



  • Address: 1112 Budapest, Tájék u. 26.
  • How to get here: From Keleti railway station take bus 8 to "Korompai street" or from the Széll Kálmán tér, take tram 59 to "Farkasréti temető". GPS: 47.48237, 19.01791
  • Contact: Csóka Szilvia
  • E-mail: sashegy@dinpi.hu
  • Phone: +36 30 408 4370
  • Opening: From March to October. Weekends and holidays between 10.00 and 18:00. We arrange guided tours at the weekdays for groups (don't forget to call us/write to us ahead!)


  • Exhibition, observation point and a guided tour 2 300 HUF/person, Discount price: 1 700 HUF/person
  • Exhibition and observation point 1 000 HUF/person, Discount price: 800 HUF/person
  • Registration ticket -, Discount price: 100 HUF/person
  • English language guided tour for groups (book in advance is necessary) ., Discount price: 3 000 HUF/person

<p><em>Credit card payment is also possible.<br /></em><em><br /></em>Registration ticket:<br />- children (0-3 years old),<br />- visitors with disabilities (the accompanying person gets entry for this fee too).<br /><em><br /></em>Discount Price:<br />The discount prices are valid for: retired, children, students and teachers.</p>

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Conservation management tools for increasing structural and compositional biodiversity in NATURA2000 oak forests

Interval: 2017.07.01 - 2026.12.31

In progress

The goal of the project is to develop and apply conservation management tools for increasing structural and compositional biodiversity in NATURA2000 oak forests.