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Invasive Animal Species in Hungary

Publication date: 2023.01.16

<p>Our latest Rosalia Handbook about our domestic invasive animals has been released.</p>

Despite the fact that the spatial expansion of invasive alien animal species is now a major threat to our aquatic and forest ecosystems, there has been no book that would have started to put even a species lists together, let alone gather all the knowledge available from researchers and experts concerning different taxa. This taxonomically structured volume aims to fill this 20-year gap and to provide descriptions of every invasive animal species that have occurred in Hungary. This huge undertaking was carried out by the cooperation of 36 experts of different taxonomic groups. The book contains detailed descriptions for all 118 species that have already (or shall inevitably) occur in Hungarian territory, and also includes short notes on further 4 amphibian and 32 terrestrial snail species. A general conclusion of the present volume is that our natural waters are especially vulnerable as more than half of the species dealt with within the book occur in aquatic habitats.

We warmly recommend this book to all those who keep a vigilant eye on the spread of invasive species and who also wish to contribute to the protection of our native ecosystems.

DOWNLOAD the handbook HERE >>