Kökörcsin House

Kökörcsin Erdei Iskola

The Kökörcsin House forest school is located next to Strázsa-hegy, which is a unique habitat for many rare and protected species. Take a guided tour to the look-out tower at the top of the hill.



2509 Esztergom kertváros

How to get here:

From Budapest: the 10-inch and 117-inch road; Dorog from the then 117 Road 111; Visegrád, Esztergom from the '' Dobogókői '' - and the '' Suzuki 'track. The vehicles were built by the Kökörcsin-house car park. GPS: 47.74802, 18.73724


dr. Jankainé Németh Szilvia




+36 30 663 4614


All year long, by appointment.



Name Full price Discount price
Guided tour 17 000 HUF/group/hour 13 000 HUF/group/hour
Registration ticket - 100 HUF/person

Registration ticket:
- children (0-3 years old),
- visitors with disabilities (the accompanying person gets entry for this fee too).

The discount prices are valid for: retired, children, students and teachers.

Development of nature trail in Esztergom, Strázsa-hegy

The nature trail of the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate in Esztergom, Kis-Strázsa is a very popular excursion destination. Since 2002, the 1.2 km long trail can be freely visited. The round trip starts at the “Kökörcsin-House”, it takes you up on the north side of the hill to the tower and it returns to house on the south side of the hill. The lookout tower offers you a panoramic view, from which even the peaks of the Tatra Mountains can be seen in clear weather.

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