Dinnyési-Fertő Hiking Trail

A dinnyési Madárdal tanösvény hídja

Not even a long time ago the Dinnyési Fertő still belonged to the area of the lake Velence. Basically it is still a part of it, but it is seperated from the south-western part of the lake by a railway line and the highway. This area is perfect for numerous birds who can build their nest and search for food in the ,by reed, protected area of the lake.

The bird migration in spring, but especially in fall there is an enormous crowd of ducks, geese and swans come together in the lake. One of the most spectacular events is when thousands of geese , which are near the Fertő on the ground, start to move in the lake by nightfall. During the program it is recommended to wear gumboots and warm clothes. The new bird watching tower is a great opportunity to have a look on the geese. Make sure you don’t forget your telescope!

How to get here:

By train : Take the train from ’Budapest Déli’ station to ’Dinnyés’. The guide picks you up here.


Fenyvesi László




+36 30 663 4630


Appointment for guided tour.



Name Full price Discount price
Guided Tour ( max. 20 persons, by appointment) from 26 000 HUF/group/hour from 20 000 HUF/group/hour
Registration ticket - 100 HUF/person

Registration ticket:
- children (0-3 years old),
- visitors with disabilities (the accompanying person gets entry for this fee too).

Discount Price:
The discount prices are valid for: retired, children, students and teachers.

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